The Construction Business in Mexico

¿What is it that defines a great proyect? Determination. Experience. Preparation. COPSA is a construction business where we focus in actualizing your ideas and bringing your  poroject to life. We will give you a team who  you will count on 100% in the planning and process of your edification.
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Engineer Juan Espartaco Florián Chávez

Ingeniero Juan Espartaco

Ingeniero Juan Espartaco Ingeniero Juan Espartaco


       Engr. Florian is a Civil Engineer graduated from the University of Guanajuato in Mexico, where he started his career in the ICA group participating in the construction of Airports, Highways and Bridges. His biggest project in ICA was the Huites Hydroelectric Project located in Choix, Sinaloa where he was the Official Supervisor of Estimation and Unit Prices.


He has 25 years of experience in Public and Private Projects: Heavy Construction and Commercial Buildings.


He started COPSA 20 years ago and has experience in the complete process of building a project: Program of Needs, Design, Tender, Proceeding of the Contract, Hiring, Construction, Project Management, Delivery of Project to the client and Start-up. It also includes: Executive Experience in purchases, estimates, complaints, evaluations to subcontractors & settlements to pieceworkers. Plus the legal responsibilities that imply being the lawful owner of the construction business COPSA.






Engr. Juan Espartaco Florián


He also has developed the leadership abilities in the project teams, executive and professional management of client relationships.

With 17 years of experience in the purchase, leasing, manteinance and selling of construction machinery.




Supervisión de un Proyecto. Renta de Maquinaria. Empresa Constructora. Supervisión de un Proyecto. Renta de Maquinaria. Empresa Constructora.

Photography  of the Huites Project located in Choix, Sinaloa in Mexico - 1993